Who is SPORT.Guru?

SPORT.Guru was born to show the world that sports fans and fanatics around the globe have one
thing in common – we are all managers and coaches and we can do it better than the pros.
Put your strategy to the test and let YOUR dream team win big!
Who is SPORT.Guru? You tell us – may the best team win.

The Guru mission.

SPORT.Guru brings you new and exciting games where your sports expertise gives you an edge over the competition. Excitement, entertainment, bragging rights, and last but not least real cash prizes await! You can enter free contests for fun or raise the stakes and put your money where your mouth is.

Fantasy sports are the latest trend in iGaming and sports entertainment. American Football fans in the US have been playing fantasy sports for a few years and win huge amounts of money, with prize pools above a quarter million, even $1 Million contests are not uncommon. SPORT.Guru is finally bringing fantasy sports for European Football to you and thousands of other fans!

In fantasy sports contests, you create a team of players who you think will perform best. Choose players from professional teams. Their real-life performance earns you points (for example goals scored, assists, saves, etc.) If your fantasy team earns the most number of points in the contest, you are the winner! Contests are played daily or for the length of a week’s games.

Fantasy sports is classified as a game of skill and strictly regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority. Our games and contests are 100% legal and regulated under European law.

In the coming months, more game formats, leagues and sports will be added to SPORT.Guru to give you even more ways of playing and winning. We hope you enjoy our contests. Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us below. Until then – best of luck in the games!

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